Norman Mailer: A Collection of Critical Essays

Braudy, Leo, ed. Norman Mailer: A Collection of Critical Essays. Prentice-Hall, 1972.
ISBN 0135455332, 9780135455333

Norma Mailer, 1972(cropped)


Norman Mailer: The Pride of Vulnerability
by Leo Braudy
An Interview with Norman Mailer–21
by Steven Marcus
The Radical Moralism of Norman Mailer–42
by Diana Trilling
The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy–66
by James Baldwin
Norman Mailer and the Despair of Defiance–82
by George Alfred Schrader
The American Norman Mailer–96
by F.W. Dupee
Norman Mailer’s Yummy Rump–104
by Stanley Edgar Hyman
The Energy of New Success–109
by John W. Aldridge
Interpretation of Dreams–120
by Leo Bersani
Mailer and the Fitzgerald Tradition–127
by Richard Foster
The Americanness of Norman Mailer–143
by Michael Gowan
What Mailer Has Done–158
by Richard Gilman
The Ups and Downs of Mailer–167
by Richard Poirier
Chronology and Important Dates–175
Notes on the Editor and Contributors–178
Selected Bibliography–180