Recent Translations

From Chivalry to Terrorism, Chinese edition

From Chivalry to Terrorism has been issued in Chinese by The Oriental Press (Beijing), in Spanish by Oceana (Mexico City), and in Korean by Samin Publishing (Seoul).

From Chivalry to Terrorism, Spanish language edition

Recent & Forthcoming Projects

  • “Walt Whitman and Photography,” for “click! photography changes everything,” a Smithsonian Photography Initiative (SPI) project, Marvin Heiferman, curator.
  • “Leo Braudy’s Favorite Moments of Horror vs. Terror in Film,” The Book of Lists: Horror, eds. Amy Wallace, Del Howison, and Scott Bradley. HarperCollins, October 2008.
  • Preface to E.F. Kitchen, Suburban Knights: A Return to the Middle Ages. Book of photographs of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Forthcoming.
  • “Secular Anointings: Fame, Celebrity, and Charisma in the First century of Mass Culture.” In Constructing Charisma, eds. Edward Berenson and Eva Giloi. New York: Berghan, forthcoming.
  • “From Subjects to Citizens.” In War in the Gender Zone, ed. Drew Gilpin Faust, University of North Carolina Press, forthcoming.
  • “Cultures and Communities” In the Blackwell’s A Companion to Los Angeles, eds. William Deverell and Gregory Hise. Oxford: Blackwell’s, forthcoming.